Friday, 30 October 2020

Lively and Living

 Day 30, #OctPoWriMo2020

Thank you Morgan for all the amazing prompts and poetry forms. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful work here . Keep smiling and writing always!

Now, for the theme today, I am using the Acrostic form to describe an innate frame of mind that I have no matter what the situation is in life. This defines me and my identity.

“ Lively and Living”

Looking at all obstacles with determination

I have always moved forward in this journey

Valued all lessons learnt along the way

Egging on with resolution towards a New Day

Loving and Living every moment

Yearning to be the Best Version of Myself

Another change is another opportunity

Never backing down and breaking the continuity

Done with living in the past 

Long gone are the days of unrest

Inviting positive thoughts no matter what

Vigor and vitality

Is what makes me, Me

Nothing negative will ever impact my emotions

Gearing up for what lies ahead, tomorrow and always!

Thursday, 29 October 2020

From Strangers to Friends

 Day 29, #OctPoWriMO2020

I love to travel and the picture of the railroad track certainly brought back fond memories of those long journeys I used to take during the holidays as a child. Missing those memorable moments when fellow passengers not only shared home cooked food, but also stories . Those journeys have never been boring and many a times I have seen strangers parting as friends with promises of being in touch. 

The poem today is like reliving those happy moments.

Form: Free Verse.

From Strangers to Friends

It was a bright Sunny morning

The air crisp and fresh

The dew drops glittering with joy

Wished me Good Bye

As I boarded the train for a long journey forth

My heart skipped a beat

The engine purred into action

My journey had begun.

Eager, excited, I Looked out of the window

As my city was left behind

Trees, valleys, meadows danced along

And the train chugged ahead.

The metal wheels moved in full swing

While the track paved the way ahead

Dollops of white clouds embraced the clear blue sky

Smiling I believe, happy as I

The compartment was full 

Fellow passengers going to different destinations

But at the moment entwined together

Conversations flowed like the free flowing river

Stories , laughter, food …..shared and enjoyed

There sat an old lady, 

sharing stories as old and 

Intriguing as the wrinkles on her skin

The group a furlong away was singing happily

College students , I believe

The children played and made a delightful

Combination of colors and patterns

Of happy faces, faces which cannot be forgotten

The pages of my diary gets filled

With sketches of the happy moments

Which I know I will cherish, always.

Today as I sit and travel to those good old days

The old diary sits on my lap

How I wish I could go back

To those nomadic days

When I met strangers

But parted as friends.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

The Journey Within

 Day 28#OctPoWriMo2020

The current situation has given me ample amount of time to spend with myself. I have journeyed along paths that were hidden to my busy eyes. These experiences have been fulfilling and memorable. I learnt to value each and every moment and live in the present instead of dwelling in the past. Getting entangled into memories that cause pain deprives us of experiencing so many happy moments that life has in store for us. 

This poem is dedicated to that journey inwards.

Form : Free Verse

" The Journey Within"

The street in front of my house is quiet these days

The surrounding quieter than earlier

The stillness invites me 

To embark on a journey

A journey to explore

Things that I have missed

While being engrossed in satiating selfish desires

I look around and find myself surrounded

With moments invaluable

When did the flowers bloom in my garden?

That sapling grew into a bush, so soon?

What is that bird at my window sill?

Does it come and sing everyday?

The wind chimes have begun dancing

Trying to impress me, or is it a mundane thing?

The cool breeze brushes past my temple

I inhale the experience

And get full to the brim

With an inexplicable emotion

Tears roll down my eyes

As I sit by the window sill

I learn the value of a warm hug

A smile, a signal of gratitude

For all things taken for granted

I learn to value the love and care

Of my dear ones

I learn to value feelings over ambition

I learn to value relationships over capital

I learn to value unconditional love

Yes, this journey is fulfilling

This journey Within!

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Magical October

 Day 27#OctPoWriMo2020

The month of October has always been magical to me .Thanks to this wonderful platform where I can spread the glitters of happiness and enhance my magical experience. The Festival of Lights brings back lovely memories of childhood which have transcended to the years thereafter.Missing those moments.

A free verse today .

“ Magical October”

There is nip in the air

With foggy mornings

When the first rays of Sun

Bring that pleasant warmth

Like the embrace of My Mom

Full of love and belonging

Yes, it's the month of October

When there is magic in the air

Hope flutters like numerous 

Butterflies flocking together

There is hub-bub all around

Family members gather 

From near and far, cousins and their stories

Of their struggles and victories

Woven by a common thread

Of being one, we are Family, after all.

We snuggle and make plans

To celebrate the Festival of lights

Festive spirit entwines our hearts with each other

At least once in a year

It brings us closer, no one lives on an island anymore

No one feels alone or left over

That is the magic that October brings

When Holiday season sets in

Plans are lived and 

We go back……, with heavy hearts but  richer in experiences

To survive another year 

While pursuing our dreams

In the snarling streets

Of Competition and hatred


The magic of Home, belongingness

Stays over ,

 Even in those lonely nights

Of November and December

When the whole world sleeps

I stay awake, in my corner

With my memories

Of Magical October!

Monday, 26 October 2020

A volcano of emotions

 Day 26#OctPoWriMo2020

Being different is being unique for me and I embrace it wholeheartedly. This uniqueness should be celebrated not just today, but every day !

It’s the free verse today.

“ A volcano of Emotions” 

I color my sky green

And the grass blue

My trees have rainbow colored berries

And my rivers pink

They say I am different

I imagine things with strangeness

But what is being Different?

How can one be unaware

Of the millions of possibilities

Of millions of approaches

And still be Normal?
Can’t they see 

Freedom of thoughts

Is nothing but Creativity?

It is like giving birth

To create from the Heart

The trip to the wilderness of Creativity

Will not be successful

If one limits one's thoughts to 

Age old traditions and beliefs

The trip will involve discovery

By seeing things differently

And embracing it wholeheartedly

It needs courage to express oneself

To stand with emotions bare

To own vulnerability

With defiance and determination

And they say,I am different!

But what is being Different?

Is it in feeling what is so obvious

But not given due importance

Since the eyes are covered

With shades of not-being-different!

Being different is being Unique

Celebrated each day

By owning it 

And wearing it on the sleeve

With confidence and Belief

Power that comes from within.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Limitless and Beyond

 Day 25#OctPoWriMo2020

Wow! Breaking rules have always been adventurous for me . So, let me try and create a form that rhymes yet does not! Just a try, not sure what will be the final outcome. But will fear stop me from exploring? Never !

So, here it goes , allowing my thoughts to weave and I flow freely with it, without any rules to abide.

" Limitless and Beyond" 

Be it chasing my dream

Or not following the norm

That logic proves to be illogical

I always speak my mind

Been a rebel, yesterday, today 

And Forever!

The best part, I am not the only one

Breaking all shackles

That choke the heart that dreams

Have come across numerous stories

Of like minded fiery souls

For whom living on the edge

Is just another day in Life

From climbing mountains

To travelling across the country 

On a Bike

From daring to share an innovation

To establishing startups successful

From earning not only for the self

But also providing opportunities for others

Yes, I am surrounded by such stories

Of Grit, Determination, Fearlessness

Never back down or Give Up attitude

Each day brings about a new struggle

A new challenge to be overtaken

What's the Fun when all is set and rosy?

What is Life without a bit of defiance and resolution?

" Limit" is just a Word

There is much to be conquered now and Beyond

Yes, I love to break the rules

Because the journey that I have undertaken

Is Limitless and beyond!

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Conquering My Fears

 Day 24#OctPOWriMo2020

Today I write about procrastination due to fear of failure. I stalled choosing my profession as a Trainer because I had stage fright. I decided to take the step of overcoming this by choosing to be Bold, Brave, Being Me. Today, I have a come a long way and thanks to that moment when I decided to cross the bridge and reach the other side where success welcomed me with open arms. It's ok to feel scared but one must never allow fear to overcome confidence . Success comes to those who strive for the best. Consistent persistence is the key.

Choosing the Free Verse today.

Conquering My Fears

The spotlight was on me

The curtains had been raised, it was time

For my performance, but I froze

On the Stage!

Cold sweat permeated my confidence

I stood still, unable to move an inch

On the Stage!

And the audience waited, there was pin drop silence

Deafening! Never heard anything so Loud

and menacing!

Suddenly all went blank and I lay gasping for breath

On my bed. It was  a Dream!

Which shook me to my roots

made me look inside out

Who was I? What Did I want to Do?

What was I escaping from?

The mirror stared back at me

It was not me , but my scared being

Fear had engulfed my confidence, I could feel

But should I give up? After striving long enough?

No, not at all, somewhere screamed my brave self

The Dawn came and as the sun rays kissed my forehead

I decided to move ahead.

Past failures are like stepping stones towards success

I worked , worked , worked

Could feel the distance between me and my anxiety

Grow more and more till it mingled with the distant horizon

Today, after a year long debate with procrastination

I finally Won!

Going for my maiden stage performance

Confident, Brave, Determined

Let those dark days be laid at rest

The winds of change are here

I am all set to move ahead.